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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 12, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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you are great americans. and we cannot thank you enough for the freedoms that we take for granted every day. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled the news continues. we throw it over to greta with on the record. see you tomorrow night. >> tonight, oh, boy, the sex scandal involving the nation's it spy got perioder. the investigator who launched the investigation of david petraeus is under suspicion himself. he's accused of sending shirt less photos of himself to a woman involved in the case. no, we aren't making this up. it is the latest development in the gen. petraeus sex scandal. his secret exposed days before he was set to testify about benghazi and after the election. is if coincidence or coverup? >> i have a hard time believing the whole story. first of all how an e-mail matter becomes an fbi matter, how it was investigated so many months and it wasn't until election night the fbi suddenly
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realized it involved david petraeus? if they were investigating three or four months, that would have been the first thing they found out. then should have brought it to the president's attention so none of it adds up. the challenging thing for gen. petraeus, with his new position he's not allowed to communicate with the press. he's known about it. they have had correspondents with the cia in libya within 24 hours they knew what was happening. >> petraeus wags telling her things. she said there was a failure in the system. she said petraeus knew all of this. but that he wasn't allowed to talk to the press because of his position. she's telling people this. now that's pretty serious, since petraeus did brief congressmen soon appear the a tack in a closeddor session and he doesn't seem to have told them any of this. >> on a personal level his resignation is appropriate. a lot of questions about a timing standpoint, about when the affair was disclosed to the white house, whether it was
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timed to avoid the election. >> he's married to holly petraeus. she's done so much for children. fallen soldiers. >> he must have liked you obviously and you obviously liked him. >> yes. as i said earlier, he has a number of mente. s and that's what is -- when you compare him to other senior commanders. >> we had no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. this is something that could have hurt national security. i think we should have been told. >> i hate what happened to gen. petraeus and his family and the families involved but we have four dead of americans in benghazi. i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi before, during and after the attack if gen. petraeus doesn't of it. >> i think it's important that the director of it. i don't think it's critical that he of it this week. gen. petraeus will have a personal insight into this
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because he did visit libya after the attack and overtime i think he owes it to the committee to share those insights with them. >> there are conspiracy series out there. one that it is a benghazi coverup, they didn't want him to testify. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm just saying what is out there. is the timing fishy? >> all i know is if the powers at be have any control over this story, the outcome will only be one that benefits the democrat party. if they have any control over this at all, there will not be an outcome that harms obama, there will not be an outcome that harms the democrat party. >> and a big question tonight, did gen. petraeus mysteries, paula broadwell, expose classified information about the benghazi attack? i should tell you that cnn is now reporting that the fbi is at the broadwell house in north
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carolina right now. that being reported by cnn. fox news national security correspondent, jennifer griffin, is here with the latest. jennifer. >> it's interesting the fbi is there, greta, because they had already check her computer, her home computer. so it's interesting that they are look for more apparently. so this is an investigation that led to the downfall of petraeus comes at a time that hill members are returning to town and we are hoping to get some answer was benghazi from petraeus himself. and in closed briefings this thursday. that's not going to happen. close family friends say petraeus is deeply embarrassed and devastated by the sex scandal. further in the process of its investigation the fbi found classified documents on broadwell's computer. remember she spent a year in afghanistan with him and has a security clearance as a reserve military intelligence officer. those documents, according to the fbi, it not come from petraeus. the fbi ruled out any security
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breach so it's curious why they are at her house tonight. but in a speech she gave at the university of denver, came under scrutiny today as a video surfaced from the speech in which she seemed to be talking about information that was still being vetted about the attackers in benghazi. information some assume came from her close relationship with petraeus. though their affair had ended about four months ago. >> i don't know if a lot of you heard this, but the cia an numbers had taken a couple libyan military members prisoners and they think the attack was to try to get the prisoners back. it's still being vetted. >> so those sources at the cia an, say that the cia handed over three libyan militants the night of the attack to libyan authorities. a well-placed source and two security contractors have indicated the militiamen held at the an numbers may have ban possible motivating factor for
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the attack. the cia denies it ever had any prisoners. and the quote. >> tonight defense secretary panetta commented for the first time on the petraeus resignation say egg thinks petraeus made the right decision. he was asked as a former member of congress do you think capitol hill should have been briefed sooner about the investigation, and paw net two said, quote, that's another thing we ought to look at because having work closely with the intelligence committees you know i believe there's a responsibility to make sure the intelligence committees are informed of issues that could affect the security of those intelligence operations. the fbi wrapped up its investigation, greta, of the petraeus affair with broadwell's second and final interview four days before the election. petraeus submitted his
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resignation to the president on thursday, two days after the election and a week before he was to testify on capitol hill in closed door intelligence briefings. >> of course, now fox can confirm that the fbi is at her home. and while they finally -- they finally got moving, it's taken months and months and months of doing something. the university of denver speech came out today and suddenly they are at her home. i'm curious, where is the state department in all of this? we haven't heard from the state department for a long time. >> nor the secretary of state. wasn't this supposedly a consulate or a building that the state department was using in we haven't heard anything from the state department. they have gone quiet. and remember it was initially tear whistle blowers who said they requested more security at the compounds. there's still so many unanswered questions. i hope in a way that this sex scandal doesn't divert people from asking questions about what was happening in benghazi both the before the attack and the
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night of the attack. >> we have to keep going back, four americans were murdered. and when information has been inconsistent and we need testimony under oath. and there is nothing scheduled for gen. petraeus at this time, even though he was told within 24 hours by his station chief that it was not a spontaneous protest but it was terrorism and three days later he said on capitol hill it was a video. >> and that's what the hill members that are returning back had wanted to ask him about. they are concerned that he may have per injured himself and now they will have to s&p him to have him appear. >> and as we said it gets stranger by the minute. tonight that one who launched investigation is now himself under suspicious. we are joined with the latest. right before we went on air there was information you were
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reporting on about the original fbi agent who was investigating this? >> right. what we are told by sources is that this whole -- this whole process begins when a woman in tampa goes to a friend she has who happens to be an fbi agent and said she's concerned about these harassing e-mails she's getting. and that starts the investigation. what we are now told is that that agent at this point in this process was explicitly directed not to have anything further to do with the case because he was -- supervisors had become concerned he was too personally involve with the woman who made the original paint and part of that concern was based on the fact that he had previously before the investigation began sent her shirt less photos of himself. >> did he give any explanation why he was sending shirt less photographs? and i take it it's to the woman in tampa and she herself is married as well, correct? >> correct. the simplest answer is we have not been able to identify him or
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roach a lawyer for him, if he has one, to ask him his side of the photo issue. we do know this was the same agent that went to members of congress, republicans members, and was worried it would be swept out of the rug and he wanted to reach out to congress as a when he is he will blower. it's the same person and obvious i will at that point he felt like he was acting as a whistle blower. it remains to be seen, you know, as this progresses which interpretation of his actions berries up as the right one. >> there is something unusual about that because when he went to capitol hill it ended up going to majority leader cantor, who called the fbi on october 27th and wanted the information passed to the head of the fbi, robert mouler, and that information was not passed to the head of the fbi for four days t took four days to find the head of the fbi, i don't know why, and the fbi is saying the reason why they can't get
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information promptly to the director is because hurricane sandy delayed the message. figure on that one. the fbi may be at her house tonight but they have been dragging their feet trying to move this. >> well, i think there's still a lot of questions that are to be answered as to the timeline, why certain things were done when. i think that's one of the big outstanding questions. but, you know, a lot of it gets back to the very beginning, which is the question i've heard a lot from folks of that just been reading our stories is why did the fbi start this investigation anyway? i get weird or annoying e-mails all the time and i don't run to the fbi and if i did i don't know that the fbi would do anything about it. that's another reason there's some i think gaps that need to be explained as to how this process began and where it ended up. >> of course, you have to go back to the fact there are four americans mured in the benghazi investigation. we don't want this to overshadowed but it's somewhat intertwined when you have the head of the cia, who is supposed
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to be doing the benghazi thing, is involved in the scandal. thank you. >> thank you. >> and the timing of gen. petraeus's resignation sounding loud alarms coming just days before he was set to testify about benghazi. on this thursday gen. petraeus was supposed to be before the house intel committees. and thursday they will hold a hearing on libya. we are joined by the chair of the committee. good evening. >> thank you so much, greta. >> let me bring you back. the credible, horrible sex scandal is overshadowing the problem we have at this consulate. tour americans are mured and we are gettingen consistent statements out of the cia and the administration. what is your committee trying to do? >> well, the american public and their elected representatives deserve answers. answers to some very basic questions, why did four americans die when they
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repeatedly and so many times and in different ways asked and begged and pleaded for more security, and there was a meeting one month before the september 11th attack saying, look, we cannot withstand a coordinated attack against us. we have ten militia camps of fanatics all around us, send help, and time and time again this administration gave them the response of pure silence. four americans then died. so we think it is only fitting and fair and just to bring up the secretary of state because this was a consulate, this was part of the state department operations, bring her up and of it in an open, public hearing about what happened, why it happened, so that we can prevent another benghazi from taking place again. now what has been the state department's response? first utter silence and then the secretary goes off to a trip to australia to coordinate their defense cuts, which is of utmost
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importance to the united states for some reason. so she's not being made available to our committee, nor will she send anybody in her place. in her place they will give us a classified briefing. i have two classified briefings schedule this week and they don't want me to have the open hearing. i'm going to have it anyway. we are going to have security agents that will of it about the lack of security throughout the state department embassies and consulates and why the state department wants to make sure that we appear that everything is fine. we are no longer under a terrorist threat, al-qaeda is on the run, there's no problem with the taliban, stand down, nobody needs further protection. we want scans we are going to see if we can cooperate with the state department and have hillary clinton finally show up perhaps by the end of this month in an open, public hearing. we are fine with the classified briefing. but that is no substitute for
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the an that is the public demands. >> oftentimes i think in? town things are classified that shouldn't be classified. classified because they don't want the rest of us to know who doesn't have a security clearance, that's one. and you talk about september 11th when the four americans are murdered and the problem why in the world so many crazy stories were told about what happened after september 11th and what really is going on at that benghazi consulate and cia? we don't have any of that information. there's enough really weird stuff going on and now it's overshadowed by the sex scandal. i'm curious, do you know when her trip was preplanned? >> yes. >> this is -- >> since september 12th. since september 12th we've been asking for cables, we've been asking for hearings, we've been asking for ambassador rice to show you, we've been asking for the assistant to the secretary of state to show up. we would take anyone but they
7:16 pm
come in a classified briefing and that's what we will get this week. >> how about a s&p in can't you compel them. >> there are many committees looking at that now. we will coordinate and see what we can do because the time has come for answers. make sure the viewers en, this is an administration that clearly new this was a coordinate the terrorist attack and still the president went to the united nations and six times he brought up that video. ambassador rice knew about it and five shows she said it was a spontaneous reaction to the video. come on. >> it's time to get subpoenas. if people don't want to come, that's an easy thing to do. i recommend you do that because this has now carried on since september 11th. the election is over and everyone can forget about that. let's get to the bottom of the fact why four americans were murdered, why it's unsafe there and why we've been told so many
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ridiculous stories by so many people. time to sort it out. thanks for joining us, congresswoman. >> thank you very much. >> what is going on with attorney general hearing holder? this investigation started months and months ago with the director of the cia. alarm bells didn't go off, despite the fact the cia director's tame came up in a criminal investigation. why didn't the justice department make the petraeus affair a top priority and get to the bottom? is there a reason? plus listen to fox news tonight, there's new video of paula broadwell that is sure to raise eye prows. liz cheney will talk about that next. and also a top briefing on benghazi. what what does the senate committee hear? that's next. where others fail, droid powers through.
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>> former state department official liz cheney said the department heads are either incompetent or not telling the truth. how could they not consider the cia's director's affair a security risk? take a look at this video speaking to the security forum in july. >> i was i am bedded with gen. petraeus in afghanistan and it's a little confusing because i'm also a military reservist with a top secret clearance and then some. so my peers didn't know how to address me. i had -- felt like i was held to a higher accountability because i could lose my clearance but i wasn't trusted with the opportunity to sit in on high level meetings with general
7:22 pm
petraeus, sit in on meetings in the mornings and listen to classify chatter of terrorist talk and so forth. and i had that background any how so i knew a lot of that information and i think it was important to form my writing but i knew there was a clear line i couldn't cross when i was writing it out. i find it challenging sometimes to justify or when we had this discussion last night, you feel like the government is holding something back or not giving the full truth and they are giving out false information and sometimes obviously the government just can't disclose information because of sources and so forth. that was reinforced. i had access to everything and it was my responsibility not to leak it. not to violate my mentor, if you will, and i was writing about a very close mentor. >> liz cheney joins us. the fbi right now at this woman's house in north carolina. why now? >> it's hard to say exactly. it could well be because of the videotapes we saw coming out today. >> which, by the way, fox puts
7:23 pm
out, and they are from october 26th. what in the world is the fbi doing, watching fox to see what comes out? we are doing their work? go ahead. sorry. >> i think that you pointed out a real problem we've got wishes is we know now mostly from reporting here but now you have mainstream outlets interested in the story, as well, that the fbi director and the attorney general new this summer that the director of the cia was having an extramarital affair with a woman who was unstable enough that she was sending threatening e-mails to somebody. and they claim now that wasn't a security risk so they didn't alert the president. >> do you think he was alerted? >> i think either somebody was not doing their job or somebody is not telling the truth. i find impossible to believe the president was unaware and if somebody knew the information and didn't aler the president, then there's a problem as well. >> what is so stunning about this, the cia has extracurricular activities that makes him potential blackmail
7:24 pm
material, then you have the attorney general of the united states who knows it in the summer, does absolutely nothing. but it's not the only thing he dropped the ball on. after 9/11 hit, it was two or three weeks before the fbi went to benghazi to look at the place and then they supposedly picked up anything that was there as relevant but it wasn't until october 26th when sent journalists there and they found documents. i don't know what the fbi was doing the first time. then you have the problem that the cia identifies the man from tunisia who was somebody there at the time of the assault and the fbi doesn't talk to them for weeks and weeks because the administration said tunisian won't give us permission but it takes lindsey graham a phone call and in 24 hours he gets permission. the attorney general isn't doing anything, the fbient is doing anything, and now we have this other problem. >> at the heart of the matter you have a situation where we have a consulate was attacked, four americans killed, clearly a
7:25 pm
trust attack. the administration didn't want to admit it was a trust attack and their actions since have been not only to mislead the american people and say it was because of a video but to treat it as a law enforcement matter. >> i don't mind treating it as a law enforcement matter but you have a homicide in district of columbia and two detectives immediately again investigating. they didn't do that. frankly i will be happy with that. >> my view is they shouldn't be treating it as a law enforcement matter but they aren't even doing that competently at this point. the petraeus scandal is unfoaling in this unbelievable fast way. clearly there were serious issues and problems we have to investigate but we can lose sight of the fact that the secretary of state has refused to testify and the secretary of state needs to testify. you would hope it wouldn't come to a s&p given that four americans under her direct command were involved. but that is exactly what the congress of the united states should do if she'll not appear. >> what i'm curious about, and this is a big leap, and i'm
7:26 pm
being perhaps very critical of the director of the cia or now former director, but he was being investigated last summer for this. meanwhile last summer is when they were getting the cable, we need more security here. maybe if they didn't have this other activity going on on the side he would have paid more attention to his job and that may be a huge leap of faith and grossly unfair burke we have four dead americans and we have him telling two different stories or at least telling a story that's fanciful throwdation later so i don't think it's grossly unfair of me to be critical. >> i think it's right and you also have the problem what he told congress when he was under oath. he went up to the hill apparently and said it was because of a video. >> after the station chief said something different. >> and after the state department said we never thought it was because of the video. there's real problems that the extra curricular activities were including his ability to do his job. but there's not a single place we've seen now where the administration hhs done the right thing. whether it was before denying
7:27 pm
the security requests, during, not getting reinforcements there or afterwards misleading the american people and the russ congress has to stay on it. >> frankly, all this would go away if they would just come forward and be straight on the facts. suspicion would evaporate if we got the facts. when you have two different stories and four dead americans eats hard to believe anyone wouldn't be enormously suspicious when your government is giving you two different stories. >> actually. and now we learn the administration maybe be prepared to nominate rice as secretary of state. and everyone who was involved in this tragic mess ought not be elevated at this point clearly. >> liz, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> coming up, what took them so long? finally tomorrow national security officials will brief the senate foreign relations committee about benghazi. senator john grass so is on that committee is he's here next.
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and also reverend graham is here. he needs your help. reverend graham is here to tell you all about operation christmas child coming up.
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7:32 pm
from her home and taking photos inside. gen. petraeus resigned friday after admitting to an affair with broadwell. we will bring you the latest as we get it. now what's the truth about benghazi and why did the obama administration not brief congress? they will finally brief the committee about benghazi. senator john grasso is on that committee. he is here. >> thanks for having me. >> you will get information for the first time tomorrow. are you disappointing you are just getting this now? >> in a bipartisan way a number of senators asked about this information before the elections and finally we will get it this week. the president is having a press conference wednesday. the american people have a right to know what really happened to benghazi. we've gotten so many conflicting reports. we ned to know the truth and the american people deserve to know the truth. there are four dead americans who i believe didn't have to die. >> do you have any issue with the fact that this is going to be a closed hearing? i realize there are certain information that in every
7:33 pm
investigation is classified or secret, we have grand jury information and national security information, depending on the investigation. but do you have any sort of -- any because that this is behind closed doors? >> well, no, but i'm still hoping to get the fact and the reason i'm not concern at this point is the last time we had a classified briefing with all of the senators, to me it was one of the most worthless briefings i ever heard and that's why i came out and said i felt there was a coverup going on because we weren't getting information. so i want to ask specific questions about the leadup over the months prior to the attack on 9/11, the specific timeline, and you know there are contradictions in the time lines what comes out from going the state department as well as the cia. and i want to know what's happened afterwards. what did the president know, when did he know it, and what k he do? >> i fine it interesting that you are not forcing -- it seems to me that the key person in this, and this is not to pick on gen. petraeus while he's got this little personal issue going on, except i think it can be in
7:34 pm
some ways might be intertwined with the investigation, but he's not coming to testify tomorrow and he's the one that we were told within 24 hours of 9/11 heard from his station chief in libya that it was terrorism and then for reasons totally inexplicable went to capitol hill and said it was a video within about three days. that's bizarre. that's a completely different story. what happened between between the 12th and when he went to capitol hill? >> i expect at some point former general petraeus is going to need to of it and there's a bipartisan call for that. dianne feinstein, chairman of the intelligence committee, has said that, as well. the american people need to know what happened. >> wait? the american people and the families of the four have waited since september is 111th and they waited through the election because it was political and he obama administration wanted to push it off, including everyone sorting putting his head in the sand about this. and for weeks. so why not -- why not cut
7:35 pm
through the chase now and get them in here and ask them? >> i'm ready to get them in there. i don't have the authority to subpoena him and bring him in. but secretary of state clinton should be testifying. the mean people need to know from the president. we've had conflicting and evasive answers. we want to make sure this never happens again. are you suspicious still of a coverup, more suspicious or less? >> we need straight answers. you have connecting time lines, you have information that you just don't know where the truth really lies. so he think that, what do you want to call it, stonewalling, coverup, conspiracy. there's a lot of difference phrases but i don't think the american people yet know what happened. >> i would like to know, and i think many of the american people do, what is going on at the an numbers, the cia an numbers? how many agents are there, what are they doing? we are hearing stories about that place. you know, i think that's an important area of inquiry. what are they doing there?
7:36 pm
it says the cia is not holding prisoners but i wonder when the cia is not doing something, i think maybe we around asking the questions. are you paying somebody else to do something? >> there's a lot of questions that need to be answered. the number one thing we need to do is prevent deaths of americans, brave americans, ambassadors and colleagues. and we need to make sure that never happens again. think about the calls for help. they asked for additional troops months in advance. then there were two attacks on the consulate two months ago and they asked for addition until security. never got the additional security at all. i need to know why. >> if you don't get the answer i hope you come out and say you were dissatisfied with the ans and if you don't think it should be classified, i hope you tell that us too. >> the american people have a right to know. and i leave it up to the press to really and the president tough questions on wednesday at his press conference. >> thanks, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> coming up, can you say awkward?
7:37 pm
president obama taking direct aim at business owners during the campaign and now he is in voigting them to the white house. why? how will that meeting go over? you will hear our panel next. in two minutes this year's victor yeah secret fashion show creating more hate than usual. why is one of the outfits so controversy that it got pulled from the broadcast? you will see for yourself. that's just two minutes away. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs.
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fees. and there will be a stop oil producer by the year 2017. the u.s. will also become a net oil exporter by the year 2030. and it's the biggest opening for a james bond film ever. "sky fall" hauling in almost $930 million over the weekend and clearing the half a billion dollar mark worldwide. the fox business network, giving you the procedure to prosper. >> president obama has some guests coming to town. he invited them. the ceos of major corporations heading to the white house as the country races toward the fiscal cliff. but will that meeting be a tad business awkward? you will remember during the campaign president obama making some business leaders mad with with comments like you didn't build that. joining us our political panel, the washington post, ed keith and lin sweet and chief political correspondent, byron. byron, your thoughts on meeting.
7:44 pm
>> that's happening on wednesday. on tuesday the day before he's meeting with labor leaders, he's meeting with afscme, afl-cio and other bigger supporters. and that's before he gets to the business leaders. as far as the business leaders are concerned, it's all really big business, general electric,del, wal-mart, not the small businesses. the republicans say the small businesses will be hurt if taxes on the highest bracket goes up. >> this is a two-day lobbying effort by the white house and by obama to put pressure on -- put pressure on members of congress to pass his tax and deficit spending legislation. that's really what this is about. there are meetings all the time. you know, through the years in the white house with these groups. this one, though, is specific. the progressive and labor organizations that obama is going to meet with tomorrow are about to launch a campaign, ads,
7:45 pm
whole thing, to put pressure on democrats and on obama to not back down from their call for having -- what he is going to try with the business meeting is to get from the leaders or blunt their opposition. >> in the same week he will have surrounded himself with regular people like he did friday at the white house in a kind of unprecedented post election appearance, where it was essentially a campaign speech and now surrounds himself with the labor leaders and big business leaders. and they are trying to compel the white house is congress to fix the debt in the coming months. >> and xerox, honeywell, general electric, they aren't small businesses at all. >> they don't own the manufacturing plants in ohio, pennsylvania, out west, of course not. but it's no secret the business
7:46 pm
campaign generally favored mitt romney during the campaign and this is clearly by the white house to extend an olive bran were by them and try to feel them back in the fold -- grow ahead. >> these big national companies, pepsico, ford, these are entities that have a lot of congressional districts throughout the united states. you are putting pressure on people that have a lot of tentacles. if you can't do it with the small businesses in as efficient way. >> some of the business leaders were pro obama and there's no doubt he won't back down on his call to have the richer pay more taxes. >> you say he is going to? >> no, no way in the world. he campaigned on it every single step of the day. >> why not do what lbj and bill
7:47 pm
clinton and ronald reagan did and smooze with the speaker of the house? he's the one you have to win over. >> it starts friday. they have arranged a meeting. it will be their first since july they all sat around the table together. everyone up on the hill said he needed to do more of it. i don't think anybody at the white house would deny he has to do more outreach. we will see. >> it headaches sense. if you get a deal, and it might be now tenth bush era tax cuts might be linked to the deficit and it might not be so much a cliff as little one of bumps in the road. >> we will watch and see what happens. >> up next, reverend graham, his group brings christmas to many needy children around the world. for most of these children it's their first gift ever. reverend graham is here to tell you about it. that's neck. alka-seltzer plus rushes relief
7:48 pm
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>> twenty years of bringing christmas to needy children all around the world. operation christmas child is an operation led by reverend franklin graham. this year the group expects to deliver hits 100 millionth gift. we went along as he gave boxes of gifts to children who needed
7:52 pm
them most. good to see you. >> good to see you, greta. >> this is a big year, you will hit 100 million some. >> 100 million. god has done t we started 20 years ago with a few thousand boxes going to the children of bosnia. and god has done it. this is a christmas program. of course, we are collecting the boxes this week as our national collection week, and the boxes are being packed by families and then we ask people to put toy necessary a box. >> you brought one along. this is a girl's box obviously? >> this is a girl's box and it has girls things in it. it has a stuffed animal, doll. >> hair band. >> hair band, toys. but there's school supplies in the bottom. >> even a bar of soap. and there's a washcloth, socks. it's unbelievable. >> most these kids have never had a gift in their life. there for yourself and saw it.
7:53 pm
we want them to know that god loves them of this is christmas. >> absolutely fabulous. 9 million boxes. this is your big chance to be a part of it. pack a box or more than one. and this is a picture of me. you can pack a docks box and ship it off. where do they ship it off to? >> go to the website and then they can go to operation christmas child, and the drop off-site is where they live or near it and or they can ship it to us. but there's videos how to pack a box. tremendous videos of giving boxes away. so it's a fun website to go through. >> you can pack and find out where your box went. that's the fun part. >> there's the bar code. so if you go on site you can actually printout this label if you want to do a girl box or boy box and the label will come with a bar code and you can track where your box goes. >> i guess the viewers need to know, these kids have never -- most of them have never had a
7:54 pm
present before in their lives and this is such a kick to have a present and show the chris has spirit, the giving. it's fabulous. 9 million this year? >> 140,000 volunteers in the next weeks help us out to prepare the booktors shipping. >> and i get to go to ecuador to give out boxes this year, i hear? >> we are going, yes. >> after chris that is mas we will give out the boxes. you have to be proud of this because this is fun. man we can hit 10 million this week. i want them to try to get 10 million boxes for the kids. >> fantastic. >> reverend, always nice to see you. i look forward to making sure you hit your target. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, paying tribute to america's veterans. see why it turned out to be an extra special one for a group of american families. that's next.
7:55 pm
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>>. >>
7:58 pm
>> greta: tonight we're paying tribute to america's veterans. in florida an extra special holiday for military families. a group of men returning to the base after a deployment overseas and their families were right there waiting for them. but 30 airmen from 927th air refueling wing received a here yaes welcome, all reunited on this veteran's day. they served in southwest asia
7:59 pm
but tonight we salute our troops, past and present all over the world. and thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. senator lindsay gram will be here and peter mansour will be here. also, congressman louie golmer is here calling for a special prosecutor into the benghazi attack. you don't want to miss tomorrow night's show. make sure you go it's an opportunity to talk about debates and issues. there are many issues to teen yait. we're going to give you more information about america's to rep reverend gram make sure kids around the world get christmas presents. the target this year is nine mill rin but just this think. maybe we can hit 10 million mark because this is the opportunity for kids to get christmas presents and have a


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